Thursday, July 29, 2010

Not too much is going on lately so I thought I would just share some picutres of Emily from the past 2 weeks.


Monday, July 19, 2010

For our anniversary I bought us tickets to see As You Like It at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival. We went out for dinner Saturday night to then to the show. It was 3 hours long, but we only saw the first hour. Brutal. I do not recommend this show. The Elizabethan English was fine, the stage was puny, the props nonexistent, and the actors weren't even hot. The story was not even eventful nor was the entire experience.

I wanted to get a reservation to a nice restaurant first, but because I left that too long we couldn't get in anywhere for a pretheater meal. We ended up going to a pub, had great pub food, wonderful Guiness...and it ended up being the highlight of the night. The Boar's Head is highly recommended, their food is great and the staff are hilarious!

We did park a few blocks down the street and walk into the theater so the stroll along the river was wonderful. The weather was gorgeous and our spirits were high after such a relaxing time at the pub (I am sure the beer has something to do with it, too).

Not sure what to do next year, but it won't be a show at The Festival.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


6 and a half years ago I got our cat, Ratchet, for Tim. His kitty, Maggie, was put down due to her age and since he loved cats so much I found a super cute litter and picked the fluffiest one! When I replied to the ad and asked the little boy what colour he was, he told me that the kitten was 'gray with white arms and legs' and since I thought that was so cute I told him I would take one!

The poor little guy weighed 0.4 lbs when I took him to the vet, but he made a quick recovery!

He even became quite the pain in the ass when he learned how to climb the screen door. Thankfully, it was a rented apartment, but in the middle of the night when he couldn't get down I, along with my neightbours, were not impressed by his cries for help.

But he sure was a good looking cat. He was Maine Coon - Persian so he was quite large. Weighing in at almost 30 lbs full grown.

Every summer we shave him. One reason being he gets too hot in the summer under all that hair and the other being he has now insisted upon being outside. A first in over 6 years. He wouldn't even go outside until this Spring when Sledge was trekking in and out all day. So when you are caught in the rain or have a fight with the dog in the grass his pretty long hair gets matted.

It took a while but eventually he got used to Sledge. Here they are sleeping on our bed together.

Lately he has even became accustomed to Emily, allowing her to lay on him and give him big hugs.

But last night Ratchet didn't want to come in, so he never. This has happened before, too. But this morning Tim found him on the road, obviously someone swerved to miss him, he said.

I won't miss the gross mice he has recently taken a liking to that he leaves by the door, or the meowing early in the morning because he wants to be fed. He was a pain in the ass at night too. If my legs weren't covered he would attack them, and he only drank from the toilet which meant the seat always had to be up and it was a constant fight between him and us so Emily would not get in to the bathroom. His hair was another story, as well. I will not miss that, or the hair balls that went with it.

But he was our first pet. Tim loved him and so did Emily. He was low key, didn't get in the way and we never had a problem with someone taking him when we went away. He was self sufficient, as cats are, and never liked being touched which is way better than a cat that is always jumping in your lap. He could only tolerate about 5 strokes on his back then he would give you a swat to leave him alone. It was also impressive how after such a short time outside, no front claws, and being such a wimp that he managed to kill as many things as he did. He used to sit at the back door at just look outside. Now he always sat at the back door and just looked inside. Thankful, probably, that he isn't among the chaos that Emily brings. He loved it out there, spent many nights out and enjoyed laying, paws up, on the grass waiting for Sledge to jump on him so the race could begin. He was always sitting at the door waiting to come back in when Tim left for work then out again when I got up for the day. He really was out more than in by a long shot. I am sure he is glad he died exploring outside and not from old age or boredom from being stuck inside. Atleast that is what I will think.

So in the end, he will be missed, even by me.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Muir's are going camping!

Camping in style from now on! HAHA! This is our trailer! It is a 1979, 29 foot MasterCoach. It needs a little TLC but for $250 we couldn't leave it behind!

Complete with propane tank, half full even! Working awning and new fridge/freezer in it! The microwave works, too! Bathroom is good to go, it is the lovely harvest gold. Not sure if the stove works, the guy never used it, so that may be replaced.

The paintjob needs to be redone. I am not all that fussy about that sponge blue and purple so we will fix 'er right up! The back has a king bed, which does pose a bit of an issue because I think we are going to put Emily back there and put something in the dorrway so she can't roll out. We will sleep in the front where the seating area is, that way we won't disturb her when we come in to go to bed or get up in the morning because she doesn't get up until 9ish.

Can't wait to get it fixed up and have a great summer in it!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Around the house on these sweltering days

Ahh, isn't she sweet, she helps me make cards.

Hi, Mom! This is fun!

Hanging with Daddy, watching TV.

This little piggie...

Sledge hiding from Emily and that stupid chair!

Emily has found a new way to terrorize Sledge. By the end of the day he usually hides behind the phone stand or couch.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Anniversary to me! 3 years ago today we tied the knot! And every year we get to celebrate with all of Canada (plus by having it on a national holiday it is kinda hard for Tim to forget, or that was the idea)!

Happy Canada Day, everyone!