Monday, September 20, 2010


The past couple of months have been crazy busy, but this past weekend it all came to an end. I started a new job, which is going well, and have been planning a wedding. Of course the week prior to the wedding is the busiest week of all, but naturally, it also had to be the week I was sent away for training. I usually work part time, so taking on a wedding was doable, when I was informed that my training was also the week leading up to the wedding I wasn't sure how I was going to juggle it all. Thankfully, the bride is so wonderful and really stepped it up! Here are some shots from the wedding...

Why, you ask, all the shots of flowers? Well, they are mine! Her theme was Hollywood Glam, so jewels, pink, red, purple and black it is! The pictures don't do the hall justice. It really was beautiful! Half of the center pieces are flower arrangements done in shoes and the other half are curly willow, orchids and gems that were 5 feet tall. It was stunning! I also made an arrangement in a man's shoe to put in front of the groom at the head table and at the signing table. It really looked glamorous!
Congrats Sarah and Ryan!


  1. well congradulations on the new job although you should tell us all where you are employed...and also the wedding looked wonderful i am sure the bride was delighted...maybe you should become a wedding planner......Congradulations once again....

  2. Thanks, Bonnie! I am working for TD Canada Trust in a small branch about 20 minutes north of St. Marys. It's another great farming community. The wedding was fun, the flowers turned out great and now people are asking me to plan their party's! We will see, it is a lot of work!